Keep your Battery and verify your charging system!

9 instances out of 10 the rationale why your bike will not begin is normally due to the battery situation or free connections. A charging system failure is much less possible however remains to be potential.

I’ll speak about each of them right here.

First take a look at your battery connections. Examine for apparent and best to repair issues first. A free connection, poor floor and so forth. will possible trigger intermittent operation of the beginning and charging methods. For those who discover a free connection and/or corrosion, clear the connections with a wire brush.

Earlier than re-attaching apply slightly grease to the contact factors. The grease helps to stop any of the white corrosion residues build up across the battery terminals.

Attempt to begin her up now. You continue to have an issue? Go all the way down to the mall and purchase your self a small digital multimeter. (Make sure that it has each AC and DC volt features, in addition to a continuity (or OHMS)operate. Pull out the battery and set it on a counter. Set your multimeter to DC volts. Measure the Battery voltage by inserting the crimson lead on the optimistic and the Black on the detrimental.

The voltage learn needs to be round 12.5 volts (increased is OK) If the voltage is lower than this it could point out a poor battery. Discover I say, “might” right here as a result of the bike’s charging system is perhaps at fault. On this case the battery will most definitely be OK.

Verify that the electrolyte stage in every cell of the battery is nice. Add distilled water solely to cell’s with a low stage. (Clearly you can not add water to a upkeep free battery) Cost the battery in a single day with a gradual charger solely. Bike batteries can not deal with a quick cost. Make sure that the charger solely prices at a fee of two amps or much less.

Set up the battery and try to begin her once more. If she nonetheless will not go purchase a brand new battery and your drawback will possible be mounted. If she begins and runs like a attraction, then you must discover out why the battery went lifeless. That you must verify the charging system.

With the engine working, place the multimeter leads on the battery. Rev the engine slightly. The system voltage ought to rise with engine RPM. A voltage of round 13.5 to about 14.5 needs to be displayed. If the voltage stays fixed and/or is slowly reducing, or if the voltage rises above 14.7 volts the charging system shouldn’t be functioning.

What do you do now? It’s a must to verify two issues. The Stator and the Regulator. The stator creates an AC voltage. The regulator modifications the AC to DC voltage and likewise maintains that voltage on the correct stage.

The Stator will be checked with the Ohms operate in your meter. Find and take away the plug for the stator on the entrance of the engine block. You will note two or three pins inside.

Set the meter for low Ohms, and measure the continuity between these pins. 5 Ohms or much less is what you might be searching for right here. Set the meter to the very best setting. With 1 lead connected to a steel a part of bike verify for continuity to every pin. You meter ought to learn infinite, or no continuity. If these exams try then your stator is okay. If there’s a fault in any of those exams, then see your supplier

The regulator is the simplest of all to verify. The regulator is fabricated from stable state electronics and cannot be opened. Change the regulator if all the pieces else on the charging system checks out or if there’s an overcharging state of affairs.

On most Harley’s you’ll not know if the charging system is starting to fail. The proof exhibits up when you might have dim lights or she simply will not begin. There are aftermarket equipment that you would be able to set up in your bike that can inform you the present state of the charging system.

Save your self some bucks right here!! With a easy multimeter accessible from any Electronics elements retailer you may troubleshoot your charging system and verify your battery and most definitely restore any issues your self.


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