These are some fast changes and suggestions for the B1 liquid cooled minimoto that I’ve discovered useful.

Further warmth safety:

To guard the bike I’ve put some aluminium tape on the within of the fairing on the closest level to the exhaust and on the underside of the gasoline tank. I?ve accomplished this as a result of the engine will get so sizzling I wished to guard the fairing from melting, and it would not harm to guard the gasoline tank for a similar causes!

My cooling system suggestions:

If you run out of cooling liquid on your B1 rep, use is distilled water which is offered at your native storage, add some meals colouring to it in an effort to simply inform the extent and away you go.

Solely fill the reservoir to 1 / 4 full, that is simply sufficient coolant and it leaves room for the strain.

After getting crammed the coolant reservoir, there’s usually air locks within the system. To do away with these begin the bike and permit it to heat up, then bounce the bike (gently) on its again tyre with the bike vertical. Do that a number of instances, this could do away with the air locks within the system and stop overheating. The coolants stage might have to be topped up now.

The place to not trip:

Hello simply purchased my new B1 air cooled from you guys. Thanks it is an excellent bike. A fast phrase of recommendation on your different prospects. DO NOT RIDE YOUR MINI MOTO ON THE ROAD. My pal (who additionally rides a mini moto, however on tracks the place they’re imagined to be ridden!) is a police man (boooo!) and the regulation may be very strict:

The motive force or rider of a motorised board or cycle on a street may face heavy fines, endorsement of licence, disqualification and within the case of harmful driving, as much as 2 years imprisonment.

Keep in mind that the time period street consists of not solely a carriageway but additionally pavements and verges and likewise any freeway which encompasses footpaths, bridleways and by-ways.

It could actually additionally embrace privately owned roads to which the general public have entry and has in some circumstances included automobile parks?

Automobile park warriors beware!!!???

Here is tip. Earlier than using your mini moto you will have to ensure that your wheels and chain are aligned. Here is how. Loosen the bolts on the again wheel in an effort to transfer it. Place a bit of completely straight wooden (I used a meter stick) up in opposition to the entrance wheel. When the entrance wheel is straight the meter stick ought to be flush in opposition to each the entrance of the tyre and the again. Then it is a easy case of lining up the again wheel. The chain ought to now even be straight.

Altering the gearing in your mini moto is easy. An even bigger entrance sprocket mixed with a smaller rear sprocket creates a smaller ratio, which means the mini moto can have higher accelelaration however much less prime spead. A smaller entrance sprocket with a much bigger again sprocket will give your mini moto a greater prime pace however slower acceleration.

Listed below are the potential variations of gearing: The decrease the ratio the quicker acceleration. The upper ratio, the higher the highest pace.

8/54 6.75>1

8/56 7>1

8/58 7.25>1

8/60 7.5>1

7/54 7.714285714>1

8/62 7.75>1

7/56 8>1

8/64 8>1

7/56 8>1

8/66 8.25>1

7/58 8.285714286>1

8/68 8.5>1

7/60 8.571428571>1

8/70 8.75>1

7/62 8.857142857>1

8/72 9>1

6/54 9>1

7/64 9.142857143>1

8/74 9.25>1

6/56 9.333333333>1

7/66 9.428571429>1

8/76 9.5>1

6/58 9.666666667>1

7/68 9.714285714>1

8/78 9.75>1

6/60 10>1

7/70 10>1

7/72 10.28571429>1

6/62 10.33333333>1

7/74 10.57142857>1

6/64 10.66666667>1

7/76 10.85714286>1

6/66 11>1

7/78 11.14385714>1

6/68 11.33333333>1

6/70 11.66666667>1

6/72 12>1

6/74 12.33333333>1

6/76 12.66666667>1

6/78 13>1

I attempted 7/56 with my B1 Rep at GP Karting, I feel that that is nearly proper for that observe because it has lotts of tight corners. May go to Stretton quickly so I can strive my 7/68 setup. This ought to be good for the straights nevertheless it might take some time to rise up to hurry!!

Matt Tong has been importing and using Mini Motos for 2 years. For skilled recommendation and Mini Moto data please go to []


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