How To Fix “Device Isn’t Play Protect Certified” Error


Just recently, the custom ROM DotOS V5.1 was released. This version is based on Android 11 but has Android 12 UI. I was very eager to feel the new look of Android 12, so I dived into installing the Official vanilla GSI of this ROM on my phone since it was the only ROM I came across at the time running Android 12, something which was still under development.

After flashing the ROM, I went ahead and flashed Gapps then rebooted into the OS without any issues. After the device booted up successfully, I realized I could not run any Google app or even log in to my Google account. A message kept popping telling me I can not run Google apps because my device is not Play Protect certified. Below was the exact message I got when trying to access Google apps:

‘This device isn’t Play Protect certifiedYour device isn’t certified to run Google apps or use Google services. Contact the device manufacturer or retailer and ask for a certified device’

I did research and found out why this was so. If you come across the same issue while using your device, then follow this tutorial to fix things out

Reasons For The “Device Isn’t Play Protect Certified Message

Android device manufacturers work with Google to certify that Android devices having Google apps installed are secure and will run apps properly. A device that is Play Protect certified must pass Android compatibility tests. If you are unable to add a Google Account on your Android device or you see the ‘Device isn’t Play Protect certified’ message, your software might not have passed Android compatibility tests. This can also occur if the manufacturer has not submitted the results to Google to seek approval. By so doing, your device won’t be Play Protect certified. This means that your device might not be secure.

Disadvantages Of A Device That Is Not Play Protect Certified

  1. The device may not be secure
  2. The device may not get Android system updates, or app updates
  3. Google apps on such devices are not licensed and may not be real Google apps
  4. Apps and features may not work correctly especially those of Google
  5. Data on such devices may not back up correctly.

How To Check If Your Device Is Play Protect Certified

If you get the ‘Device is not Play Protect certified’ message popping up or when you try to access Google apps, then the device is not Play Protect certified.

Another way is to follow the steps below

— Open Play Store (if you can access it)

— Tap on the menu. For old Play Store versions, it is the hamburger icon at the top left. For newer versions, tap on the photo icon at the top right

— Go to Settings > About

— At the bottom you will see if your device is certified under the section Play Protect Certification

How To Fix Device Isn’t Play Protect Certified

You can get your device Play Protect certified by submitting your Google Service Framework (GSF) ID to Google’s Device Registration website. This is quite simple.

— To get your Google Service Framework (GSF) ID use any method below:

° Install the Device ID app by Evozi from Play Store if you are able to access it, if not, download the apk file online and install it on your device. Launch the app and copy the Google Service Framework (GSF) ID.

Use adb to get the Google Service Framework (GSF) ID using the commands below (if your device is rooted, you can install Android terminal emulators like Termux and run the commands or use a PC if not rooted). When you get the ID, copy it.

$ adb root
$ adb shell ‘sqlite3 /data/data/ “select* from main where name = \”android_id\”;”‘

— Now you have the Google Service Framework (GSF) ID. Continue below

— Open any browser and log in to your Google account

— Go to Google’s Device Registration, paste the Google Services Framework ID on the Android ID box. Tap on captcha and when a tick appears, tap on Register.

— When it shows success, reboot your device

— If the issue still occurs after a reboot, force stop, wipe storage and cache on Google app and Play Store. Then reboot again.

— Enjoy.


— Device ID by Evozi

° Play Store

° Apkpure

— Termux by Fredrik Fornwall

° Play Store

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